Friends In Deed
Friends In Deed is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides assistance and resources to those who are experiencing homeless or at risk of being homeless. As the president of the Cal Poly Pomona Chapter of AIGA (The Professional Organization for Design), I brought our annual Design for Good Marathon to life, from conception to completion. The marathon is a 24-hour event where participants work around the clock to design for non-profit organizations.
I worked to ensure all deliverables across branding, social, marketing, and motion graphics were finalized and packaged for the client within the short time span. I led a team of the top 40% of applicants consisting of 18 members to accomplish this goal and presented our final 50 assets to the organization’s Director of Development. 
Motion Graphics for Friends In Deed Programs by Zachary Yamawaki, Ryan Chuong, and Jasmine Guevara
Friends in Deed Social Style Guides 
Website Hero Images for 6 Program Pages
Giving Day Instagram Main Post and Story 
Trifold Brochure by Taz Alamillo and Ty Malonzo
Program Flyers by Marketing Team (Taz Alamillo, Ty Malonzo, Janice Chen, Berenice Ramos, and Jannett Tobon)
Circle of Friends Branding by Elizabeth Cabrera and Lauren Wong
Giving to Friends Branding by Elizabeth Cabrera and Steven Berumen 
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