Poly Kroma 2023
Poly-Kroma consists of two separate exhibitions that showcase the achievements of Cal Poly Pomona's Art Department students in the areas of Visual Communication Design and Fine Art, with over 200 attendees. The two segments that make up Poly-Kroma are: the Industry Portfolio Showcase, which is an exhibition featuring the senior Visual Communication Design majors' works; and the 2D3D+ Juried Student Art Show, which is a yearly exhibition of artworks created by Art Department students.
As co-editor in chief with Sarah Hoffman, I managed and designed alongside a team of 6 (Paige Ferris, Steven Berumen, Kajun Leong, and Raya Lallas) to conceptualize and finalize branding and logos through 18 deliverables used to advertise the event within the college, mail, and social media. In 12 weeks, we produced visually appealing materials that effectively communicated key information and engaged our target audience of students, friends and family, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals.
2D3D+ Logo Process: Initial Sketches (Left), Final Logo (Right)
Poly Kroma Logo Process: Initial Sketches (Left and Middle), Final Logo (Right)
Preliminary Poly Kroma Poster Designs
Final Poly Kroma and 2D3D+ Poster. This poster was chosen as a combination between two strong themes presented by students: retro techno with lots of texture and perspective grids and a soft, pastel bubbly dream.
Social Media Posts for 2D3D+, Family and Friends Day, Industry Day, and Poly Kroma
Text Panels for 2D3D+, Jurors, Poly Kroma, and Industry Day printed on 18" x 24" laminate panels and displayed inside the exhibition.
Poly Kroma Cal Poly Pomona Library Digital Display (Designed by Steven Berumen)
Poly Kroma Marquees (Designed by Sarah Hoffman) displayed on the busy intersection of Kellogg and Temple to advertise the exhibition.
Poly Kroma Exhibit with vinyl logo cut out, laminate panels, 3d projection mapping, and fabricated totem. The exhibition ran from April 2023 - May 2023.
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