Virtual Gallery 
The key objective of the virtual gallery project is to create a captivating experience by merging the ephemeral beauty of bubbles with architectural design. The project aims to develop a visually stunning and immersive virtual environment that allows visitors to explore and interact with a serene landscape constructed from bubble-inspired architecture and experience pieces of my artwork within the environment.
This project was accomplished in 3 weeks and utilizes UV mapping, texture baking, and 3D modeling to create the playful yet serene atmosphere along with a three-story gallery space to display my work. Working with applications Rhino 3D, Blender, and Unreal Engine, the software allowed me to explore my wildest architectural imagination. 
Virtual Gallery Preliminary Floor Plan
Virtual Gallery Rhino Front View and Right View
Rendered Virtual Gallery in Unreal Engine
Rendered Virtual Gallery in Unreal Engine - Experimental Room with UV Mapped Video
Virtual Gallery Walkthrough in Unreal Engine
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