Lucky Duck Aviary
Lucky Duck Aviary is a conceptual aviary, home to over fifty various duck species, that focuses on appreciating ducks and their habitats. Through conservation and education, the aviary aims to strengthen the overall relationship between humans and nature. This project focuses on brand identity development that visualizes the aviary’s values.
By incorporating hand-drawn illustrations and a bright color palette, Lucky Duck Aviary's identity emphasizes a curious and youthful theme. The branding is then translated into an interactive app and coded using HTML and CSS into a website with navigational, transactional, and informational intent.  
Icon Illustration Process
Lucky Duck Aviary Branding Guide
Wireframes for Home Page, Exhibit Screen, and Tertiary Navigation
Launch Screen, Home Screen, Tertiary Navigation, Information, Map, Tickets, Exhibit Screens, Event Page
Lucky Duck Aviary Website Coded with HTML and CSS
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