Ritual is a direct-to-consumer health brand aimed at creating the most effective and pure formulas for everyday health. As a creative intern at Ritual, I produced signage for an upcoming product launch and various assets for the Creative and Retail teams.
Assets included signage for Ritual’s B-Corp certification, design collateral to increase customer acquisition, and packaging design to decrease packaging waste in collaboration with Pact Collective. Over a 10-week period at Ritual, I worked on 9 projects in coordination with 3 departments, creating a total of 17 deliverables.
Ritual Price Cubes and B Corp Certification Table Top Sign (Left), Printed Sign (Right, Image by Ritual, Instagram Post)
Ritual x Pact Collective Recycling Take Back Bin
Ritual x Pact Collective Recycling Take Back Bin (Video by Ritual, Instagram Post)
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